Book review:7 habits of highly effective people

 A book is best companion of a human.They are always there to enlighten our minds.Those who study books  are more adaptable to circumstances and can take better decisions in life.


Today I am here to introduce you to New York’s Times best seller,Seven habits of highly effective people.

The book is written by Dr.Stephen R.Covey recognized by Times magazine among 25 most influential personalities.Over his lifetime,Covey inspired millions of people with the power of universal principles.He wrote many books like ‘first things first’,’the 8th habit’,’everyday greatness’etc,but ‘seven habits of highly effective people got worldwide fame.So far,more than 25 million copies in 45 languages have been sold throughout the world.

Here we have a short stroll through the book

Habit#1:Be proactive


Habit#2:Begin with the end in mind


  Habit#3:Put first things first


Habit#4:Think win-win


Habit#5:Seek first to understand




Habit#7:Sharpen the saw


I hope you liked it.Feel free to comment.



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